MINIJET 80 BLUE (110v)

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MINIJET 80 enables application of all types of pasty film fillers. It is a compact, quiet and light machine.
It can be moved up and down stairs by only one person, thanks to its trolley-type chassis.
Cleaning can be made rapidly, only at the very end of the poject and the pump can be changed in 5 minutes directly on the construction site..
All types of ready-to-use film plasters: smoothing coating, raking coating, casing coating, bituminous coating …

Technical characteristics

Maximum working pressure: 80 bar
Maximum product flow-rate: 4,5 L/min
Electric motor: 1,5 kW
Power: 110 V / 20 A / 50-60 Hz
Type of pump: volumetric screw
Pump: JET 1
Tank capacity: 45 L
Max grain size: 1,5 mm
Dimensions (L x w x h): 66 x 43 x 71 cm
Weight: 45 kg


We’ve put together some useful information on this product available for download.

Mini Jet 80 data sheet

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