Gunite Machines, Accessories and Spares (for dry spray Shotcrete). Gunite is widely used in the Refractory industry where the sand, cement and aggregates are replaced with refractory materials and then sprayed.

Our products for sprayed concrete machines covers a wide range of applications from low value refractory applications to high volume civil construction.


The wet-gun procedure generally produces less rebound, waste (when material falls to the floor), and dust compared to the dry-mix procedure. Wet-mix Shotcrete involves pumping of a previously prepared concrete, typically ready-mixed concrete, to the nozzle. Compressed air is introduced at the nozzle to impel the mixture onto the receiving surface.

The greatest advantage of the wet-mix process is that larger volumes can be placed in less time.

Concrete Mixers

Batch and Contonuous Concrete Mixers available for Sale and Hire. A concrete mixer (often colloquially called a cement mixer) is a device that homogeneously combines cement, aggregate such as sand or gravel, and water to form concrete.

For the mixing of various materials such as refractory concrete, civil concrete, mortar, render, plaster, grout, self levelling floor screeds, traditional sand and cement floor screeds and resin based materials.

Plaster, Render & Mortar

Machines in 415V, 230V 110V and diesel driven options. Markham (Sheffield) Ltd have a wide range of machines on offer for plastering applications, rendering applications and mortar applications available for sale and for hire.

A large and varied range of equipment for plaster mixing & spraying, skim coat spraying, render mixing and spraying, mortar mixing, mortar pumping, mortar spraying and pressure pointing.


Grout Mixing, Pumping Machines and Grouting Accessories. For professional grouting, we know you need the right equipment and accessories to do the job properly. We offer a wide range of products from leading manufacturers at value for money prices.

For the mixing and / or pumping of grout for various applications such as wall stabilising, tunnel lining, water proofing, void filling, ground consolidation etc.

Floor Screed

Self levelling traditional sand and cement screed machines. Self levelling floor screed is often used when you want an even surface for other types of finishing materials such as tiles, floor boards or carpeting.

Floor screed equipment for mixing and pumping traditional sand and cement screed, cementitious self levelling screed and flowing screed such as Calcium Sulphate screed or Anhydrite screeds.

Concrete Pumps

Modern Concrete Piston Pumps for building / construction sites. The P175 and P178 compact concrete pumping machines suitable for building / constructions sites – for floor screeding and fine concrete pumping with a grain size of up to 32mm.

A range of powerful and compact concrete pumping machines / concrete piston pumps available for sale and for hire from Markham (Sheffield) Ltd.


In an industry where every hour’s outage time means loss of profitable production, investing in a Brokk demolition robot can pay back after the very first kiln tearout. With easy and early access, maximum maintenance efficiency and operator safety, Brokks means new, concrete advantages

Brokk, The definitive demolition machine robot. Today, thousands of remote-controlled Brokk demolition robots are used in successful projects in more than 100 countries worldwide