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The ESTROMAT 850 K has been especially developed as pressure vessel machine for the processing of refractory materials for the supply of casting ladles, blast furnace troughs and runners etc.
The big volume of approximately 850 l as against the so far used pressure vessels of 260 l as well as 600 l volume is very suitable for economical and reliable processing of pre-mixed refractory masses in Big-Bags of 1,5t.
Special equipment

Flexible non buckling hose line ID 80, ID 100

Blow back device with squeeze valve
automatic central lubrication system

Standard delivery :
Pressure vessel
machine frame
electric controlbox
air dosing armatures

Option. equipment:
automatical central lubrication
automatical waterdosing
blow-back device

required compressor: min. 8 m3/ min, 7 bar, standard vessel outlet: ID100 / KKV108


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Technical Data

Motor capacity 30 kW
voltage 400V/50HZ, three phase AC
Mixer speed 42 rpm
Vessel volume 850 l
Useful volume approx. 650 I
Conveying capacity* up to approx. 8 m³/h
Conveying range* appr.80 m
Required air pressure up to 6 bar
Max vessel pressure 8 bar
Required air quantity* 5 -15 m³/min
Approval TUEH
Length/width/height 2030/1400/1980 mm
Empty weight approx. 1500 kg
*) depending on compressed air supply available,conveying line cross section and material consistency

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