P20V Mortar, Render and Plaster Pump Spraying Machine

M-tec P20V Pump – Available for Sale and Hire
The m-tec P20 is a compact pump for processing soft materials or pumpable products with a granularity of up to 5 mm. The P20 is mainly used to pump basic, decorative, synthetic resin and silicate renders, adhesive and reinforcing mortars, fillers or key coats.

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P20V Mortar, Render and Plaster Pump Spraying Machine as a 400V machine, pump P20 is fitted with a frequency converter (FU) as standard. This guarantees a powerful drive. In addition, this also enables output to be regulated continuously, so that it can be adjusted to the various products. Naturally the P20 has connections for operation with a compressor and for fully automatic feeding by means of a mixer.

The transparent layout of the controls and the conscious avoidance of superfluous switches make for easy operation. The large, stable hopper can be cleaned quickly and ensures a long service life.

The compact dimensions and lightweight design ensure problem-free transport on the building site. The large wheels, combined with the fold-out handles ensure convenient transport at all times. As is typical for m-tec, the P20 pump has very simple and quick-action locking systems that enable important elements, such as the worm pump or motor, to be replaced in just a few seconds.

Easy Use
Together, clearly structured controls, a compact and lightweight design and tensioning wedges make the P20 easy to handle.

Easy Pump
The use of a frequency converter enables the pump motor to be started at full power and permits a continuously adjustable output.

Areas of use and applications
All pumpable dry mortars, such as:

  • Decorating materials.
  • Lime gypsum plasters.
  • Cement plasters.
  • Lime plasters.
  • Lime cement plasters.
  • Finishing plasters.
  • Reinforcing mortar and adhesive mortar.
  • Thin layer filling compounds.
  • Loam plasters.

Scope of delivery
Pump P20 incl. pump motor, material container, control with frequency converter

For details please contact your local sales representative or dealer.

Recommended accessories

  • Mortar hoses.
  • Air hoses.
  • Compressor.
  • Remote control cable.
  • Sensor for mixer operation.
  • Bag mangle.
  • Mounted hopper.
  • Fine plaster spray gun.
  • Adhesive gun.

Technical Data

  • Standard delivery volume: approx. 3 – 22 l/min continuously adjustable (depending on the worm pump).
  • Conveying distance:* up to 50 m.
  • Conveying height:* up to 30 m.
  • Delivery pressure:* up to 30 bar.
  • Drive motor: 4.0 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz.
  • Electrical connection: 400V, 50 Hz, 1/3 ph.
  • Fuse: 16 A.
  • Connecting cable: 5 x 4.0 mm².
  • Connector: 32A 5p 6h.
  • Dimensions: approx. 1150 x 580 x 540 mm.
  • Weight: approx. 100 kg.

* Depending on consistency, quality and composition of the material, pump model – and condition, diameter and length of the delivery hose and also the pumping height of the material.


We’ve put together some useful information on this product available for download

M-tec P20 data sheet 21.01
P20V Flyer
P20V Parts List
P20V Operation Instructions

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