GBP300 Gunite Booster Pump 300 PSI

GBP300 Gunite Booster Pump 300 PSI – Available for Sale

The GBP300 air powered water booster pump is ideally suited for use with Gunite and dry Process Shotcrete machines to fully hydrate the Refractory or Civil Sprayed Concrete material.

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The GBP300 Gunite Booster Pump 300 PSI can deliver a maximum of 80 Litres / Minute. The minimum air pressure required is 20 PSI and the maximum air consumption is 80 CFM. The water pressure can be varied from 0-250 PSI depending on the air pressure regulator setting.

The pump works on a reciprocating differential area piston principle. This means the larger air piston is connected to a smaller area water piston and has an intensifying effect of the applied air — water pressure.

The pump has a 2.5:1 ratio, which means incoming air pressure of 40 PSI will equal 100 PSI of water pressure out. When the pump discharge pressure equals or exceeds the air supply pressure, the pump will simply stall, no bypass or pressure relief valve is needed. The pump discharge rate can be controlled by limiting the volume and/or pressure of the air supply to the pump. A combination air regulator and filter is provided to regulate and condition the incoming air.

A pressure gauge is provided on the regulator to display the regulated pressure. The pump does not require lubrication in the air stream.

The pump discharge hose must have a suitable rating for the working pressure.


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