Markham Piccola Gunite Machine

Markham Piccola Gunite Machine – Available for Sale and Hire

The Piccola Gunite and Dry Process Shotcrete machine is built to the Swiss design and is our recommended machine for Gunite and Dry Process Shotcrete in Refractory and Civil Concrete Spraying applications.

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The single point clamping system is easy to set up, disassemble and clean. This Markham Piccola Gunite Machine is versatile and robust, requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. Gunite or Dry Shotcrete material is loaded into the hopper, where a rotary stirring spider agitator loosens it and pushes it down into the rotating feed rotor.

Compressed air pushes the material out of the feed rotor and into the delivery hose, providing a steady flow of material to the nozzle for even hydration and smooth flow of Sprayed Concrete. Pneumatic tyre mounting is standard.


We’ve put together some useful information on this product available for download.

Markham Piccola Data Sheet

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