The ESTROMAT 260-600

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The ESTROMAT 260-600 has been especially developed as a pressure vessel machine for the processing of refractory materials for the supply of casting ladles, blast furnace troughs and runners etc.
Refractory materials with high densities and low water contents of 4 – 6 % usually are not or extremely difficult to process by conventional pumping systems.
The well developed mixing and conveying technology of the ESTROMAT 260-600 allows to transport all earth moist, dry and thixotropic materials with grain sizes up to 15 mm pneumatically and without segregation up to a 80 m distance.

Standard delivery :
vessel with gear motor
skid-machine-frame with crane hooks and forklift pockets
electric control box
water tank
air armature
semi-automatic water dosage
Grease tool
tool set
standard vessel outlet ID100/4″

Option. equipment:
automat. central lubrication
blow back device DN100/4″, DN80/3″ or DN80/KKV89
manual or motor driven adjustable hose support

required compressor: from 8 m³/ min, 7 bar (282 cft / min, 100psi)


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