80LC Batch Mixer

Rojo 80LC – 100 KG Batch Mixer – Available for Sale and Hire

Rojo mixers are effective and reliable paddle mixers of the Pan Mixer type. The 80LC mixers are designed for mixing Refractory castables, of both conventional and low cement type, Civil Concrete, Mortar, Resin, Rubber Compounds and a variety of other construction products.

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80LC Batch Mixer. Due to their robust design, adequate motor power and the replaceable wear parts, this Batch Mixer has a very long operational lifetime. The design of the paddles, combined with an appropriate speed of rotation, produce the best possible mixing results with dense Refractory, Civil Mortar and Concrete.

To improve the effectiveness further, the position of the paddles is adjustable vertically and transversely.

Technical Data

Capacity: 100kg of refractory
Power: 3,0kW 400V/50hz
Output: 44rpm
Operation Height: 117cm
Dimensions: 85x76x117 (centimeters, L x W x H)
Weight: 155Kg


We’ve put together some useful information on this product available for download

ROJO 080 LC Mixer Data Sheet

080LC Batch Mixer Operatrors Manual

080LC Batch Mixer Parts List

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